Recertification Requirements for 2017

Complete the recertification module according to your referee grade:

Annual Requirements

Annual requirements for referees vary by referee grade. In Nebraska, all referees start as Grade 8 referees. The following requirements are in effect beginning with the 2018 registration year.

Grade 8

  • Pay registration fee
  • Complete 16 Instruction Credits
  • Pass the Grade 8 referee test

Grade 7

  • Pay registration fee
  • Complete 20 Instruction Credits
  • Pass at least one development assessment as a referee
  • Pass the Grade 7 (or higher) fitness test
  • Pass the Grade 7 referee test

State Referee

  • Pay registration fee
  • Complete 24 Instruction Credits
  • Pass two developmental assessments as referee and one developmental assessment as AR
  • Pass the State Referee (or higher) fitness test
  • Pass the State Referee test

Referees must complete these requirements by December 31 preceding the next registration year.